It made many people think when Hippocrates said “all disease begins in the gut” almost 2,000 years ago!

It was until last two decades that research now demonstrates the correlation between the health of humans and how their guts feels or functions. Now, when we say “gut” this includes your digestive and intestinal tract. There is evidence that poor gut health is contributor to diseases such as diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, autism spectrum disorder, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome on a large scale.

The good, the bad, and the gut!

koli-bacteria-123081_640The gut contains a multitude of different types of good bacteria which aids in digestion, destroying bad bacteria and even the production of some vitamins. These good bacteria need to be “fed” and kept healthy in order to do their job or they die off leaving the unwanted bacteria to take over. When this starts to happen, you will notice early warning signs like upset stomachs and the feeling of being uncomfortable. If you’re noticing these types of signs, make changes now to protect the good bacteria and improve your gut health.

What causes you to “bust” a gut? There are many things that can cause the health of your digestive system to deteriorate that may include unhealthy foods, viruses, parasites, caffeine and alcohol consumption, antibiotics and chronic stress. All of these unhealthy things contribute or allow the bad bacteria to grow inside your digestive system.

Make changes

Now, if you feel like your gut just isn’t right, you should change that to live a healthy and better life! What some people don’t realize bacteria cultivates in just 24 hours. So, if you make little changes to your lifestyle, you will start noticing the changes quite soon. Let’s look at ways to improve your gut health:

  • Using Probiotic Supplements – are the most convenient way to add healthy bacteria into your body that don’t require cooking or any meal planning changes.
  • Bacteria Super Foods – by adding foods such as artichokes, bananas, polenta, broccoli and other cruciferous veggies, blueberries, beans and fermented plant-based foods such as sauerkraut or soy sauce will help boost healthy bacteria. These super foods are packed with variety of nutrients that serve many different purposes. Some have fatty acids that strengthen your intestine cells, others may reduce inflammation that is common in these areas.
  • Limit the amount of processed foods
  • Reduce the use of artificial sweeteners
  • Eat whole grains – whole grains contain non-digestible carbs that contribute to the growth of the beneficial bacteria that is currently found in the guts.
  • Eat Foods Rich in Polyphenols – this a compound that reduces blood pressure, inflammation, cholesterol and stress. Sources of polyphenols include dark chocolate, red wine, grape skins, green tea, almonds, onions, blueberries and broccoli.

Reap the benefits

If you can make these changes, you will significantly improve your gut health. If you want to make a more effective change to improving your guy health and ready to commit to changing your daily routine, you can use these steps as well.

  • When you wake up drink a liter of water with lemon juice to wake up your body.
  • Add low glycemic fruits such as blueberries or raspberries to an almond milk smoothie or whole grain cereal.
  • If you get a hankering for a snack mid-morning, try a squeezed fruit or veggie based juice.
  • Enjoy a big green salad with whole grains, nuts, legumes and even a slice of sweet potato.
  • In the afternoon, consider roasted or raw nuts and seeds or a hard-boiled egg to keep you going.
  • Consider grilling or steaming white fish, tofu or your favourite white meat with sautéed or steamed greens for dinner.
  • To ensure improved digestion, drink a glass or two of herbal tea after dinner.

When you make these lifestyle changes to improve your gut health, it’s going to help your overall health! Your heart health will be improved after removing bad toxins from your body allowing it to beat better. You will have an easier time achieving your weight loss and fitness goals with healthier meals and removing bad sugars from the body. If you have trouble with sleeping and even concentration, you will improve your sleep and concentration! So don’t bust your gut!

Try Gut Busters!

Avid Gourmet is happy to have Budding Nutrition’s Gut Busters as part of our product family. Gut Buster has a great line of super seed blend that can be added to just about anything or ate on its own. It features a combination of chia seeds, buckwheat groats, quinoa, golden flax seed, dried apricots, pumpkin seeds, bee pollen, coconut sugar, walnuts, cloves, cinnamon and sea salt. All these components have unique properties for improving your gut!



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