Atwood Heritage Salami Wild Boar 15/110g
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At Atwood Heritage, sausage making is a tradition that has been in our families since Mennonite farmers came to Canada over two centuries ago. In the 1950’s we started to share this passion with sausage lovers who craved authentic natural flavours based on family recipes. Our handmade sausage are fermented cold smoked and dry-cured… just like they’ve always been.

The Game Meats Wild Boar Salami is a 100% natural sausage made with domestic wild boar that is blended with pork and beef creating a unique delicious flavour. It has meaty texture and delightful flavour. The Wild Boar Salami is made savory using a delicious easy-to-read blend of spices and slightly sweetened with cane sugar. This salami is a must for any charcuterie board and makes for a delicious snack on its own.

This dry-cured Wild Boar Salami is ready-to-eat and shelf-stable. It is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, without added colorants or artificial ingredients. The Wild Boar Salami is high in protein.

Ingredients: Domestic Wild boar, Pork, Beef, Water, Spices, Cane sugar, Sea salt, Cultured celery powder, Starter culture, Natural wood smoke.

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